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The Chief Bridesmaid - Tips and advice for a Cheaper Wedding

The Wedding Saving Expert blog has changed its name to The Chief Bridesmaid, but it's still here to help Credit Crunch Brides and Grooms save money during the recession and stick to their Wedding budget.

Don't let talk of the credit crunch or recession put you off getting married! Follow the Chief Bridesmaid's expert money-saving tips and ideas and you can still have the wedding of your dreams on a budget without getting into debt.Wedding TV's Budget Wedding expert Lucy Elliott  - the chief bridesmaid

The Chief Bridesmaid isn't necessarily about having a "cheap" wedding - no-one wants to think of their wedding as "cheap".  Rather, it's about having what you want on your wedding day more cheaply - so you can plan your dream wedding without the debt - whatever your wedding budget and regardless of the recession!

I'm Lucy Elliott, the Chief Bridesmaid, on hand to offer you money saving expert advice to reduce the cost of your wedding day. As well as credit crunch wedding planning tips, I'll be bringing you news on wedding dress sales, money saving tips on cheaper wedding photography and exclusive discounts with wedding suppliers.

If you're a Chief Bridesmaid yourself and you have come to this blog hoping to learn what a Chief Bridesmaid does - find out her roles and responsibilities here.

It's all too easy to pay over the odds when it comes to weddings - all of a sudden everything from dresses, catering and photography fees double in price just because of the "W" word is mentioned. Getting good value for money, nevermind things cheaply, for your wedding day can feel like a distant dream.

The Chief Bridesmaid aims to put a stop to that. Just because it's your wedding day, doesn't mean you should get ripped off - particularly now we're in the midst of the credit crunch. Following my money-saving tips and advice can help you to have your dream wedding day without finding yourself in debt at the end of it! 

Wedding planning is supposed to be something you can enjoy and so The Chief Bridesmaid isn't about denial. Rather it's about you getting the most out of Chief Bridesmaid Lucy Elliott Wedding TV Wedding ideas Perfect wedding Working lunchyour wedding budget and having fun along the way: finding cheaper solutions so you don't have to miss out on the aspects of your wedding day that are important to you.

Looking for ways to cut the cost of your wedding day might not sound very fun, but it's a far better alternative than beginning your marriage saddled by wedding debt. How much you spend on your wedding day is not a measure of how much you love each other. Keep the Chief Bridesmaid's mantra close to your heart - it's the marriage you should be investing in, not just the wedding day!

Whether you're a budget bride or a billionaire bridezilla, The Chief Bridesmaid has fabulous money-saving advice for you:

Good Luck with the Wedding planning - but above all, have fun!

The Chief Bridesmaid is proud to annouce that it has been voted one of You and Your Weddings top 10 wedding blogs 2010 as well as Channel 4's Wedding blogger of the week!

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