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Save or splurge! What are the best things to save money on, and where's best to splash the cash!

Whatever your wedding budget, you can still have the day you've been dreaming about since you were little if you prioritise those areas that you really care about, and set out to save on those areas that you don't.

There are also some things that you can get away with spending less on than others - and so here are my top tips on where to save on your wedding, and where to splash out:

1. Splurge on the name-cards – and you can save on the wedding favours

- My sister-in-law bought pink lady apples in bulk and attached a paper leaf to each with each of the guests’ names on it – this fabulous and unique name card also doubled up as a wedding favour and so she actually ended up saving money! Most wedding favours are forgotten and left at the end of the night so there’s no point investing too much in them.

Other ideas for namecards that double up as wedding favours

o My cousin had cookies or cupcakes with the guests’ names iced on them

o Beautiful flat pebbles from the beach with guests names written on them in pretty writing

2. Splurge on the dress, save on the accessories and shoes

- Everyone will remember your dress, no-one will remember your veil, shoes, bracelets or jewellery

- Most wedding dresses are long and so cover your shoes anyway plus wedding accessories can be easily borrowed from friends and relatives. My shoes were £10 from the LK Bennett sales shop and my veil was borrowed from my sister (I wore my veil for about an hour whereas the dress stayed on all day!).

3. Splurge on the wedding breakfast, save on the entertainment

- Invest in the food – a few pounds will make a difference to the taste and the quality; save on the entertainment – no-one will care if it’s an ipod rather than a DJ

o advises its readers to run a democratic playlist as part of the wedding invite. Ask the guests what their favourite tunes are in the invite and encourage them to send back a list with their RSVP. That way you can line up your ipod with songs everyone enjoys.

4. Splurge on the cheese, save on the wedding cake & midnight buffet

- If you aren’t into your cake, why not have a wedding cake made from rounds of cheese instead of a traditional sponge?

- This will not only serve as your wedding cake, but also your cheese course and can be used as your midnight buffet!

- For our wedding, we bought the cheese from Waitrose and my sister in law decorated it – it cost about £100 – a fraction of a professionally made wedding cake and looked rather more impressive.

5. Splurge on the wine, save on the champagne

- Very few people could tell the difference between champagne and prosecco or cava. Why not save money by choosing one of these cheaper alternatives and spend what you save by upgrading to a slightly nicer wine?

Article posted: 2009-01-26 22:28:36