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6 tips to walk the aisle in style!

Worried that walking the aisle will reduce you to an emotional wreck? Don't want running mascara in the wedding photos? Here are my top tips for walking the aisle in style!

1. Tell your Dad or whoever is walking you down the aisle not to say anything remotely emotional to you on the day - especially immediately beforehand! Just before entering the church is not the time to tell you what an amazing daughter you are, how beautiful you look, how much he and your mother love you etc etc! Ask them to get any such conversations over with the night before!

2.If the reality of getting wed is likely to make you sob your way down the aisle, pretend you're a film star walking the red carpet or you're Kylie Minogue playing Charlene in Neighbours. Tell yourself that it's not real and you're playing the part of stunningly beautiful yet composed bride floating down the aisle on her wedding day - if you believe it, everyone else will!

3. Unless you really dare, or don't mind shedding a few tears, don't share any lingering looks with your parents! I completely ignored my parents until well into the Wedding recpetion so that I wouldn't well up!

4. Smile and try to have fun as you walk down the aisle! I know it sounds hard but this is your one day to feel what it's like to be a pop star - today you're marrying the man of your dreams - it's the biggest celebration of your life - make the most of it!

5. Take five before heading into church to compose yourself, it's a chance for your Bridesmaids to double check you are looking gorgeous and for you to take a very big deep breath!

6. If you really don't think the other tips will be enough, have a big breakfast; and then shortly before leaving for the ceremony - have a vodka and tonic. It'll steady your nerves and give you the confidence to walk that aisle in style! It certainly helped me - I made it to the readings without having a sob!

Article posted: 2009-04-06 23:45:37