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Groom funds wedding by selling advertising on his tie!

Has the credit crunch caused you to postpone your wedding day? Looking for ideas on how you can raise money for your wedding budget?

Well, why not take inspiration from a Groom in Romania who is trying to pay for his Wedding by selling advertising space on his wedding tie.

Tudor Ciora, 26, from Sibiu, has set up a website for bidders who wish to advertise on his wedding tie - he believes that with the money he raises he'll easily pay for the wedding ceremony.

Companies can pay 20 euro for a space near the top of his tie, 15 euro for one in the middle or just 10 euro to have their name at the bottom of the tie.

Mr Ciora hopes that the funds raised will not only pay for his wedding day but also a new car.

Would you allow your Wedding day to be a sponsored event?

Would you be happy to offer sponsorship on your order of service or wedding invites - or would that be a step too far?

How about shaving in company logos into the back of the groom's or best man's hair? At least they won't show up in the wedding photos where they're facing the camera!

Or how about selling advertising on the inside of the mens' suit jackets?

If you can think of an interesting or unique way of raising money for your wedding, you could attract attention from the press, which in turn, is likely to attract higher advertising revenue. It's not everybody's cup of tea - but if you're lucky enough to think of an innovative enough idea, you might just find that your wedding pays for itself!

Food for thought anyway....

with lots of love,

The Chief Bridesmaid xoxo

Article posted: 2009-04-14 22:10:40