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Less couples are taking the plunge!

The number of couples getting married in England and Wales fell more than 40,000 to 236,980 in 2006, from 278,975 in 1996, the office for national statistics revealed today.

That means that 1 in 7 of the girls who would have got married in 1996 are no longer getting wed.

I can only hope that it's not the high cost of weddings that are putting couples off. Fear not, there are plenty of ways to cut the cost of your wedding day, if you're a savvy Bride and push for a better, cheaper deals from the wedding market.

The good news for you thirty-somethings is that the average age for women getting married has increased almost two years since 2006 to nearly 30 for women and 32 for men.

So there's plenty of time to find a man and even less excuses to feel like you've been left on the shelf...if Brides love the man at the end of the aisle, they'll look happy and gorgeous walking it whatever age they are.

with love, The Chief Bridesmaid xoxo

Article posted: 2009-04-15 19:40:37