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It's the small thoughtful touches that make a Wedding

Congratulations to my oldest friend Kate who got married to the lovely Paul on Saturday! Wow, what an amazing wedding - a beautiful bride, lovely venue and awesome band (hulagroove, who were just amazing).

It struck me at the end of the night that two of the most wonderful and unique things that I would remember after the day were actually the cheapest.

Kate has lived next to a stately home all of her life - the park there has the most amazing view - as you look across the lake, a majestic bridge sits on the horizon and reflects into the lake's waters. It's an amazing view, and more personal for Kate still as that's where Paul proposed. In admirable style, Kate approached the owners of the stately home and requested whether the buses taking guests from the church to the reception venue would be able to travel through the house's grounds past this incredible view. The estate kindly agreed (as Kate had been visiting most weeks for the last 30 years!), and so all the guests were treated to the most incredible bus ride through the park and past this incredible view. Everyone was so suprised as we headed past the Bridge that there was an audible "coo" from all the Wedding guests. A wonderful moment for everyone there.

The second personal touch was testiment to Kate's forethought. So that all the guests could feel comfortable and be rest assured that they were looking great, she left some lovely molton brown toiletries, chewing gum, nice lip gloss and various other little bits to help keep the wedding guests feeling on tip top form. A lovely thoughtful touch that made the wedding guests feel thoroughly looked after.

Congratulations Kate and Paul - it was an awesome, awesome wedding day and an amazing time on honeymoon!

with love, the chiefbridesmaid xoxox

Article posted: 2009-04-20 19:06:55