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U.S. Brides have all the luck!

I know that many of you guys who read the blog aren't based in the UK and so I thought that today's entry should go international.

The Chief Bridesmaid has just discovered another benefit for those who live in America. These benefits go beyond the best national parks, the best looking President, getting movies ages before anyone else, and being the home of Gossip Girl (which simply must be the best TV show on earth). America is the home of David's Bridal, true show-stoppers of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses that brides can afford whatever their budget may be.

Much like the Chief Bridesmaid, David's Bridal works on the principle that every bride should look and feel like a million dollars on her wedding day regardless of her budget. When browsing some of their key looks for the season, it's honestly hard to tell that they aren't designer. What I love is that they don't offer low cost wedding dresses just to make up the money on their accessories, with veils at $49 and bridal shoes at $39, everything they offer is good value.

My favourite is the modern romance look - a beautiful, elegant halter neck dress, veil, handbag, shoes and jewellery all for $630. Lovin it. With between $50 and $300 off everyone of their bridal gowns currently, even the most credit crunched bride should be able to find something within their budget.

Article posted: 2009-04-24 10:57:20