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Church offers free weddings to Brides on a budget

Cash strapped Brides hit by the recession are having to postpone their wedding days. But one church has decided to offer a helping hand to couples who can't afford to get married. St Hild and St Helen's, in Dawdon, County Durham, is giving credit crunch Brides and Grooms the chance to get married in the church for free.

As well as the church service, it is reported that the virtually free wedding offer throws in an organist plus outfits for the bride, bridesmaids, bridegroom and mother of the bride.

The only condition is that couples take four pre-marital lessons before the big day - with a £50 fee payable to the registrar.

Credit crunch Bride, Donna Swinney, 29, and her fiance Alan Davison, 33, couldn't afford to get married after he was made redundant from his job last year.

But the couple became the first to take advantage of the free wedding service when they tied the knot last week. The Church's Vicar said: 'People really want to get married, but at this time there's a credit crunch.

'I think those who have taken up the offer think it's a novel idea. They wanted to know more because it's free and they've been looking for a church for a time.

'They really want to be married and be together, and that's as it should be.'

Good on St Hild and St Helens - a brilliant idea and a dream come true for Brides on a budget! Let's hope we see more ingenuity like this from wedding suppliers in the recession.

Article posted: 2009-05-21 19:36:21