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Delicious credit crunch wedding cakes from Planet Cake!

Hi All

First of all, an apology on two counts -

The Chief Bridesmaid and her hubba have been travelling through the deepest depths of Asia for the last few months so it's been too difficult to post regularly. Apologies if I've been a bit quite for a while. I'm back online now and so I hope redeem myself over the next few weeks.  Planet wedding cheap cake london bargain affordable low cost

Secondly, this is a bit of a re-post. Last time I wrote about Planet Cake's fabulous idea to offer simpler credit-crunch priced cakes, I didn't have access to a computer that could re-size the stunning photos adequately for me to be able to post them. Anyway, with a new laptop purchased, I've been able to do that, and can now offer the opportunity for you to indulge in some delectable wedding cake porn! Check this beauty out for starters!

Until now, professional wedding cakes may have seemed beyond the reach of most Brides on a budget, and so Planet Cake has come up with the perfect wedding cake for Brides who want a fabulous, yet low cost, cake for their big day.

The money saving idea behind the beautiful 4-tier credit crunch wedding cake is that it is iced with a simple rustic style of butter-cream icing instead of the smoother, more traditional fondant icing frequently used in cake making. There are no fiddly, time-consuming piped designs or flowers made from sugar, as it is these elements that increase the cost of the wedding cake. (Personally, I love this unfussy, more modern look to icing - I think it looks tastier and much more stylish.)

Strawberry chocolate cheap professional wedding cake maker london

This wonderfully cheaper alternative can then be simply styled using coloured ribbons and fresh fruits and flowers to create a stunning yet elegant cake.

To keep the costs down, Planet cake have decorated the credit crunch wedding cake with garden flowers, herbs and fruit. The difference in price between an orchid and a simple garden daisy is huge. The result is a more organic yet beautiful style of cake. I love the simplicity and unpretentiousness of it all.

The top tier of this wedding cake is a dummy. This allows for flowers and foliage to be easily pushed into the cake. The other 3 tiers are sponge (in any flavour of your choice) and will feed up to 80 guests.

Cheap credit crunch butterfly wedding cake planet cake londonFor a total cost of £325, Planet Cake will source the decoration for your cake to match your theme. Alternatively you can purchase the cake for £300 and let your friends or florist do the decorating.

You can have the cake in any flavour you choose and the covering can even be coloured if you wish. The cake is made fresh to order from quality ingredients and has no artificial content.

As most professional wedding cakes average at a cost of £600....this one is a bargain and it’s really tasty too!

Aside from the credit crunch cake, Planet Cake is offering all Chief Bridesmaid readers a 5% discount on cakes booked with Planet Cake (excluding the credit crunch cake) OR 8 boxed mini fruitcakes to match their chosen cake as gifts for the top table. Please quote offer code "the chief bridesmaid" upon booking.

To contact Planet Cake, call Rachel on 07958 714672 or check out the website at

Looking for other ways to save money on your wedding cake? Planet Cake suggests these money saving tips:

Always tell your cake maker if you have a fixed budget and they should accommodate your needs within the design.

When purchasing your cake from a cake maker, the more sugar flowers and piped decoration, the more expensive your cake will be. These details are very time consuming, so to keep the cost down, keep it simple! The less dots and spots, the cheaper it will be.

If you want to make your cake look bigger, but not pay for the cake, most cake makers use polystyrene dummys. You could have a 5 tier cake, yet only the bottom tier is real. You could even hire a whole dummy cake. Most cake makers have display cakes that they use for exhibitions, so it’s always worth asking! Then you could serve your friends homemade delights, when it comes to eating. Daisy straw rustic cheap wedding cake

Don’t choose expensive fresh flowers. There are so many pretty cheaper flowers out there like flowers from your own garden, or cheaper cut flowers like gerbias.

Cup cakes are now a very popular choice for Brides. They are really fun and can be dressed to suit any theme. Again, if the decoration is simple, for example a big strawberry or a fresh daisy, it is going to be so much cheaper than choosing an edible handmade sugar flower. Planet Cake has cupcakes that range from £2.00 to £5.00 depending on their complexity.

And lastly, you can always ask for a never know!

Article posted: 2009-08-17 08:27:46