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Reader questions - I love Real Bride Sarah's wedding dress - where did she get it from?

Reader question - I love real life "cheap but chic" bride Sarah's wedding dress - it's really unusual and just stunning - where did she get it from?

Pronovias designer wedding dress - cheap chic Bride  The Chief Bridesmaid's answer -

 Real life Bride Sarah's beautiful dress is from Pronovias. Now Pronovias wedding dresses aren't by any means cheap, however,  they are better value than many of the other designer wedding dresses you see out there. For example, many of Pronovias's dresses still come in for less than £1,000, compared to the £2,500 that many designer Bridal shops charge. This dress cost well under £1,000 yet looks a million dollars.

What's also worth pointing out is that because Pronovias is so incredibly popular, it's not uncommon to find newly wed Brides selling their dresses off on second hand wedding dress sites like Share the Dream. Preloved - the second hand website - currently has 114 Pronovias dresses and veils for sale, so it's always worth checking their site out if you're happy to buy second hand.

Second hand Pronovias wedding dress sale discount designer budget reduced


Article posted: 2009-08-18 00:44:54