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Kate Middleton Engagement dress lookalikes hit the High St

I am just updating my blog post from last week about similar dresses to Kate Middleton's iconic Issa wrap dress. When the Royal Wedding was announced last week, Kate wore an amazing sapphire blue dress for the engagement photoshoot. Ever since, expert designers across the world have been sewing as fast as they can to reproduce their “tribute” versions of Kate’s dress for the High st.

Now because we can't afford the real thing - a costly £385, and indeed, where you could buy the Issa dress has now sold out, I've been hitting the shops to find the best affordable lookalikes on the High st.

With a plethora of Kate’s dress copycats, British Readers have got a few options to choose from, but you’ll have to move fast.

UK High st store Coast have got a great lookalike - their McQueen dress. This dress shimmers like the Issa dress and at just 125 pounds is a great cheaper way to copy the Royal look.

Coast Kate Middleton engagement dress cheap lookalikeThe Coast dress isn't too showy on the bust (so good for Christenings and Weddings) but is fitted at the waist so you won't feel too Mumsy.

The second and most convincing copy of Kate Middleton's engagement dress is Chica Online’s Pepita dress in Navy.  They’re out of stock currently, but you can email to be added to the waiting list. It costs 99 Euros or 85 pounds. Certainly in this photo is looks like a great imitation. It looks glossy without being shiny, the colour is the perfect match to the Issa dress, plus it’s really good value.

The cheapest option in the UK is Tesco’s Florence and Fred 16 pound replica. With much of the UK media reporting on what a great copy this was of Kate's engagement dress, the Tesco website is currently sold out.  However, check out ebay or selected Tesco stores and you’ve still got a chance to snap one of these up. Wear it to parties and weddings at your peril though, you could well run into someone else wearing it too.

Florence and Fred Tesco copy of Kate Middleton dress American readers, or those who are happy to splash out on postage, you can get your own affordable version of the Royal engagement dress from your local mall. Check out this delectable number from US High st retailer Anthropology.US high st imitation of Issa Royal Engagement dress

Whilst this dress doesn’t shine like those from the UK, it's less of a direct copy of Kate Middleton's dress, so you won't be shown up for trying to imitate her. At $138USD, it’s not cheap but it looks great quality and it has got some great reviews from the girls who have already bought it.

Last but not least, Australia’s High st has its own Issa replica, New Idea magazine nominated Leona Edmiston’s Hannah dress as the best imitation currently on the market. It’s $335 AUD and available now. But if you want something that bears a closer resemblance to the real thing, experts say that there’ll be a rush of dresses inspired by Kate Middleton's dress in the shops soon.

Australian shop copy of Royal Engagement dress

Article posted: 2010-11-25 21:54:54