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Kate Middleton's engagement ring - Royal wedding moneysaving tips & how to get your own ring for less!

When Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother's ill-fated engagement ring, the move was deemed by many to be controversial, even unwise. Whether or not you agree, us Brides can learn two very helpful and important moneysaving wedding lessons from Prince William when it comes to the royal engagement ring. 

1. Prince William saved money by passing on a family heirloom

In these times of economic uncertainty, I think Prince William's decision to save money by recycling Princess Diana's engagement ring was a wise one. If he'd spent thousands of pounds on a brand new ring, the media would have no doubted criticised him for wasting money.Just because Prince William went for the cheap option, it was by no means the least heart felt. He gave a ring to Kate that had enormous emotional value for him, which is obviously far more important. Kate Middleton engagment ring photo

If there are engagement rings in your family no longer being used, then I say it's absolutely fine to re-use them. If you're a groom and you're worried that your bride to be will be disappointed that the ring isn't brand new, you could always buy her a new matching necklace to go with it. It wouldn't have to diamond - cubic zirconia is a great alternative (it looks almost identical); alternatively, artificial diamonds are a great choice and far more cheap.

2. Carat for Carat, Sapphires are cheaper than diamonds

Sapphires are actually rarer than diamonds, however, because historically, diamonds have been in greater demand, their price has been unfairly and artificially inflated. Sapphires are actually cheaper, and because they are more rare, represent better value. So Kate got more bling in her ring for the same amount of money.

It's possible to buy white sapphires too, which are also far more cheap than diamonds. However, they don't sparkle as much, so you're better off looking at stones like zircon, cubic zirconia, demantoid or titanite if you'd like a cheaper and more ethical diamond alternative. 

3. Royal Bride Kate Middleton is saving money too

As Kate Middleton's sapphire ring is blue, she can save money by using her engagement ring as her "something blue" on her wedding day. She should remember, however, that her engagement ring should be placed on her right hand during the wedding ceremony. This is because the wedding band sits underneath the engagement ring. Once the exchanging of the rings ceremony is over, Kate can then simply move her engagement ring over to her left hand to sit on top of the wedding band.

4. We can even learn some wedding budget tips from Prince Charles

When Prince Charles originally bought the ring from Garrard Jewellers of Mayfair, he saved quite a bit of money too because the ring wasn’t made bespoke for Diana, nor was it even unique. Rather it was on sale to the general public. Mind you, it still cost 28,500 pounds (and that was 30 years ago), which I certianly wouldn't recommend spending, even if you can afford it!

If you're "a chegal", a girl like me who likes to rock the royal look for less (where cheap meets regal), you should check out this article from new royal blog Mr and Mrs Wales which examines where you can get cheap imitations of Kate Middleton's engagement ring on the high st and internet.




Article posted: 2010-12-09 22:24:21