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Personalised M&Ms! Exclusive discount for The Chief Bridesmaid readers

Special offer on NEW personalised M&Ms for Chief Bridesmaid readers!

On your Wedding day, you kind of feel like you're famous. Everyone stands up when you enter the room, you can't walk anywhere without a wall of cameras flashing at you and everyone says really, really nice things to you. Voucher code personalised m&ms

So if you like the idea of feeling famous, why not go one step further and get names written in lights? Or at least written on chocolate. You can now get M&Ms made bespoke for you!

Now M&Ms can be customised with your own personalised message and eye-catching colours (twelve to choose from). Get them decorated with your name, romantic phrase or message, or your wedding date. The scope for creativity is endless.

Even better news is that the kind peeps at M&M's have given you a unique voucher code offering £30 discount when you spend £150 or more! Just type in the discount code "CHIEF-BRIDESMAID" when you make your purchase from the website

Discount code for bespoke M&Ms

My only advice is to not open the box before your big day - otherwise any  pre-wedding day healthy eating could go right out of the window!                                    

Article posted: 2011-01-20 11:23:41