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5p Wedding Dress seen on GMTV

OMG - did you see the Bride who got married in a 5p Wedding Dress on GMTV this morning? Amazingly, it actually looked really nice too!

Believe it or not, the Wedding dress was not secondhand AND it was made to measure! I think she bought it from ebay and there was a £40 postage cost (the designer was based in Singapore) but that still meant the total cost was a miniscule £40.05.

I guess the great thing with auctions is that if no-one else bids, then you can get a complete bargain. But be careful - there are a lot of scam merchants on there, so it's not a risk I'd typically want to make...

Have any of you girls bought your dresses from overseas designers on ebay at a rock bottom price? I'd love to hear your stories...were you as successful with your bargain dress buys?
Or was it a complete disaster?

with love

the Chief Bridesmaid xoxo

Article posted: 2008-09-03 21:32:32