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Credit Crunch Vogue - Simple Wedding Dresses are the most beautiful

In times of economic boom, fashion gets decadent. Designs are more elaborate, textures are fussier and colours are richer. It's all a bit rah-rah and bling! Make up and hair is affected too, during economic upturns, hair gets bigger and make up gets heavier - think about the heavy black eyeliner, red lipstick and huge perms in the 80s for evidence!

When the economy slows down, everything gets pared back. Lines are simpler, fabrics are lighter and when it comes to design, less is infinitely more.

As seemingly classic as Wedding Dress design might be, Bridal styles are very much influenced by the tide of fashion.

With the credit crunch upon us, simpler wedding dress designs will be en vogue. Fussy Jordan-esque Princess wedding dresses will be replaced by cleaner less extravagant, slimmer cut silhouettes - like fishtails or grecian shapes. In 2009 and 2010, we'll be looking at less sequins, less embroidery and less flounce on Bridal looks.

Rather, we'll see more brides dressed simply in plain white satin, with their hair loose and barely-there make up. It'll be about showing off your natural beauty - looking like yourself - rather than someone else on your wedding day.

I think grooms are going to be pretty pleased to see their brides looking natural on their wedding day. I can't think of any boys who actually like girls caked in make up - or with their hair scraped back into some elaborate style and covered in hairspray.

And so if the credit crunch spells the end for Bridal runway blusher stripes, tangerine spray tans and croydon facelifts and brings back a bit of natural beauty to Wedding Days - perhaps it's not all bad after all..........

Article posted: 2008-09-06 11:30:02