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Can you have a cheap Wedding Dress with style?

Most girls have been dreaming of their Wedding Dress since they were in school uniform, and so is cost really something brides should have to compromise on? Just the thought of a cheap wedding dress is enough to make even the most chilled out bride come out in a sweat...

But among the gloom of the credit crunch, fuel prices and rubbish weather, there is unexpected reprieve in the form of fashion - you might not have to spend quite so much as you anticipated on an on-trend wedding dress after all....

Folk is one of the on trends for 2008 - 1970s inspired floaty dresses, (faux) furs, heavy lace and sumptious feather trims were seen across the catwalks from Gucci to Hermes. With haute hippy chic high on the agenda, vintage wedding dresses are the way to go, and the good news is that they're usually cheaper (and far more unique) than something bought brand new!

To lay your hands on a vintage wedding dress, call Oxfam's special bridal stores or the Vintage Wedding Dress company in London. Not only will you be high fashion, you might grab yourself a bargain in the process.

with love
The Chief Bridesmaid xoxo

Article posted: 2008-10-11 20:57:12