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STOP PRESS - Bargain Wedding Dress - Marks and Spencers selling £15 Wedding Dresses

Credit Crunch forces a Wedding Dress revolution: Marks and Spencers has put one of their wedding dresses on sale for £15 (reduced from £100!). It’s stylish, elegant, beautifully bridal and there won’t be a guest at the wedding who could tell that it was such a bargain. Even if you decide not to wear it having bought it, at such a cheap price, you could probably sell it on eBay or a second hand wedding dress site and still make a profit!

Brides - don’t let the credit crunch put you off getting married - now is a better time to organise a wedding than ever before - wedding dresses are going on sale for the cost of a cheap dinner out. After being featured in the Metro, the £15 Marks and Spencer wedding dress has already been taken off the M&S website and so it’s a matter of phoning around the stores THIS WEEKEND to see if they still stock the wedding dress in question.

With budgets being squeezed, and the nation tightening its purse strings, it’s time for brides and grooms to hone their negotiation skills and fight for bigger discounts, fairer prices and better value deals with their wedding suppliers.

With the credit crunch in full swing, it’s a buyers’ market and so Wedding suppliers will have to be more responsive and cut their costs if they’re to win your custom. Don’t be scared to ask for a discount - obviously be nice, but you can be firm too. Think positively - there’s always room for a discount if it means that they could lose your custom altogether. You aren’t being stingy - you are just rightfully seeking better value for your money on your wedding day.

But according to Marie Claire magazine, for some lucky brides, credit crunch or no credit crunch, they’ll be spending a bomb on their big day. Wedding planners insist big-budget brides are undeterred by the current economic climate and are ploughing ahead with lavish celebrations.

The organiser of The Designer Wedding Show which takes place in Battersea this weekend (until October 12 2008) said, ‘Our brides see their weddings as a once in a lifetime event and so far we have no sense that the current economic outlook is putting them off.’

Perhaps the sorts of brides visit the show should read before they head to it - Marie Clare reports that most spend an average of £5,000 on a wedding dress and £89,000 on the whole day!

Ladies - just because your wedding budget might be less than those uber-spenders, doesn’t mean your wedding day will be any less valuable - it’s just about being clever with your choices, prioritising the aspects of your wedding day that are most important to you and saving the pounds on those elements that aren’t. After all, beginning your married life in debt would certainly be no honeymoon….

With love

The Chief Bridesmaid xoxo

Article posted: 2008-10-10 22:23:08