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Was this the ultimate Credit Crunch Wedding?

As the Recession gloom continues, a couple have enjoyed the ultimate Credit Crunch wedding

With the recession deepening, more and more Brides are getting The Chief Bridesmaid savvy when it comes to their Wedding planning. In the age of the credit crunch, Brides are learning to stretch their wedding budgets further, get more for their money and save every step of the way. Just take the story of Odette Fenwick’s credit crunch wedding. Instead of spending £25,000 on their big day, she and her fiancé Chris May got hitched for just £597.29.

Odette said: "I would've liked a big wedding, but it's too expensive. It's better like this as we've enjoyed the bargain hunting."

She bought her amazing cheap wedding dress online from auction site eBay for just £52 and cut costs by buying second-hand rings for just £19. They saved more money by asking their 30 guests to bring their own food and wine for the wedding reception - and saved money on venue costs by holding the reception at the garage door showroom where Chris is a fitter. Instead of champagne, they bought 89p a bottle Chardonnay .

Instead of going away on honeymoon, the newlyweds - who have five month old daughter Bailey - will have a romantic stroll on the seafront near their home.

The couple persuaded a radio station to loan them a car and a local newspaper photographer took the pictures. They talked the local bakery into making a three-layer sponge wedding cake for £80 instead of a normal £250 wedding cake.

Two gazebos for the showroom reception cost £70 and 40 plastic champagne glasses were £13.26.

What, however, was most refreshing about these wedding savers is their wonderful attitude to their wedding day and wedding planning. The groom said: "I'm so happy I don't mind what sort of wedding it is."

With the money the couple have saved, they are hoping to move into our first home. And there lies the point - savvy brides invest in their whole marriage, not just their wedding day. Don’t risk starting your married life in debt - plan to a wedding budget that you can afford - and have fun trying to stick to it.

With love, the Chief Bridesmaid

Article posted: 2008-11-11 21:54:59