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Happy 2009 from Wedding Saving Expert!

Credit Crunch Brides - it's the beginning of a new year and so it's time to make your new year budget resolutions! Here are The Chief Bridesmaid's moneysaving resolutions to avoid starting married life in debt -

1. Resolve to seek out better, cheaper bargains for your wedding day!

2. Resolve to not overspend just because you feel that otherwise your big day won't be perfect!

3. Resolve to beg and borrow on those aspects of your wedding that are not your priority.

4. Resolve to work out a wedding budget - and stick to it at your peril!

The deepening recession is going to make 2009 a financially stressful enough year as it is - overspending on your wedding isn't going to make it any easier. Your wedding day will be perfect because you're marrying the man of your dreams - regardless of whether you spend £100, £1000 or £10,000 making it happen.

Don't start married life in debt - follow The Chief Bridesmaid's advice and have the wedding day of your dreams without the debt.

Article posted: 2009-01-04 23:23:55