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Another Wedding Giftlist supplier falls victim to the Credit crunch: Wedgwood - will it affect your Wedding Giftlist?

Luxury china maker Waterford Wedgwood has gone into administration after the economic slowdown hit the debt-laden firm. Ironically, Wedgwood themselves gallantly offered respite to couples who faced losing wedding presents after online gift service Wrapit went into administration earlier this year.

Recession-hit Waterford Wedgwood called in administrators after six years of loss-making in which the group has racked up debts of almost £400 million. BBC News published its business editor, Robert Peston, expressing that there was "no surprise" that the heavily indebted firm has floundered. "Waterford Wedgwood's collapse is a resonant event, that speaks of a noxious global squeeze on consumer spending," he said. "Almost everything that it manufactures is a nice-to-have rather than a must-have. And most of us are thinking twice about shelling out on nice-to-haves."

I've been in contact with Wedgewood who offer their own wedding gift list service to see what will happen to outstanding gift lists that have not yet been fulfilled. I'll update here as soon as I hear back. It looks like the trauma won't be on the scale as Wrapit, however, as their website already mentions that their wedding gift list service has been closed down - let's hope it was sometime ago.

In the Summer, Wedgwood valliantly vowed to honour all Wrapit orders for their china (despite having nothing to do with company) and gave brides who ordered direct with them a £25 gift voucher for future purchases for every £100 they spent.

It also set up a special customer services hotline for the estimated 240-plus brides that would have missed out on Wedgwood gifts.

Let's hope that another company behaves as honourably as Wedgwood did and comes to the rescue of any Brides and Grooms who have outstanding wedding lists with them.

Did you hold a wedding list with Wedgwood? Please let me know and I'll do everything I can to help. Email me at

Article posted: 2009-01-06 23:25:22