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50% off Wedding Dress storage boxes

50% off Perry de Montaignac Wedding Dress boxes!

Just because you've saved a fortune on your wedding dress, doesn't mean you won't want to keep it in pukka condition after the big day.

If you're keen to keep your wedding dress looking fabulous, we may well have the deal for you -

Top Wedding Dress cleaner and storage expert Perry de Montaignac are offering an exclusive discount of 50% off their beautiful wedding dress storage boxes.

These custom-made Wedding Dress boxes store and protect your lovely dress in a traditional and natural way, sealing it off from harmful environmental effects.

The acid-free tissue wrapping and ph neutral materials ensure your dress is stored in the optimum storage condition to ensure that your dress will be properly protected in a box which lasts a lifetime.

The box also protects from dust and light which can fade and mark your dress.

Plastic dress covers are not suitable for long term storage because they let in light which fades the fabric and they do not allow for changes in humidity which could cause condensation and mould. PVC covers will also break up after several years allowing dirt particles to drop into the fabric and spoil it.

Normal cardboard boxes (unless made with special pH neutral board) contain acid that can pass into the dress fabric causing discolouring and yellowing.

Wardrobes, drawers, suitcase linings and colour dyes in clothes will all have an effect on the purer fabrics of a wedding dress if they lie together and so always separate a wedding dress from any other item using an acid free tissue.

However, never wrap the wedding dress in coloured tissue paper - all coloured tissue paper contains dye which will affect the dress. Place the dress in a totally dark place and use tissue paper which is white and acid free.

Don’t hang a dress on a hanger other than for a short term in order to avoid stress on the seams and shape.

To take advantage of this fabulous 50% offer, call Perry de Montaignac on 0871 437 2848 quoting The Chief Bridesmaid; or check out their website

Article posted: 2009-01-12 22:06:16