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Keen to forget the Credit crunch blues? - Head down to Bride Wars!

Lovely Brides-to-be! A couple of friends and I headed down to Bride Wars last night and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I promised a bit of a review last week so here it is:

So it might be a bit cliched, so I guessed the ending half an hour in, but nevertheless if you fancy indulging in a bit of Weddingtastic fun, this is the movie for you. Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are fabulous! The dresses are gorgeous! And you'll come out of the cinema filled with a warm glow of happiness. The perfect antidote for Brides feeling a bit mis with recession gloom and credit crunch blues. Enjoy! The Chief Bridesmaid xoxo

Article posted: 2009-01-13 23:34:29