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Bridal Skincare

On your Wedding Day you want to have skin as clear as Britney's, check out this skincare advice to get you on your way to bridal beauty heaven without breaking the budget.

Best bargain beauty buys for Blushing Brides-to-be

Water is the cheapest beauty treatment around! Start making sure that you're getting your eight glasses a day for at least four months before your wedding day. Your skin will look plumper, your metabolism will speed up (so you'll slim naturally) and you're less likely to get dry skin on your legs and elbows. 

Credit crunch cheap Bridal skincare tips ideasForget expensive face creams- the BBC’s Horizon show carried out independent trials that proved  Boot’s No7 Protect and Perfect face serum could actually reduce wrinkles - and at £17 a tube (which lasts a very, very long time) - it’s relatively cheap compared to the other serums on the market (which don’t work as well).

Vaseline lip balm tubs - my favourite multi purpose balm is a great lip balm, but can also smooth unruly brows and moisturise any really dry bits. Slick a tiny, tiny bit over your brow and cheek bones to give your skin a more lustrous, radiant look. Perfect for those brides wishing to achieve a natural look on their wedding day.

The quickest and cheapest way to perk up your face is to rid your eyebrows of any unruly hairs and regrowth. My absolute favourite tweezers are made by Tweezerman - at £10 a pop they aren’t cheap - but they are certainly cheaper than paying £15 to get your eyebrows waxed or threaded professionally before your wedding day.

However good your bridal beauty routine, there are somethings you can't allow for!

Hot Water and Lemon - Any brides wishing to get blushing for their wedding day should swap dehydrating builders tea and coffee for just boiled hot water and lemon. It’s not only meant to speed up your metabolism (to get you toned and slimline for your wedding day), it’s meant to clear skin and is really cheap to make! By cutting down on the tea and coffee, your teeth are less likely to be stained on the big day - so they'll be fabulously white for the wedding photos! 

Witch hazel - you can normally buy this in portable “pens” that you can dab directly onto any spots thinking about coming out for your wedding day. Check out the witch hazel wand Superdrug sells, it’s about £3 and works a treat.

Pamper your skin on a budget - cheap bridal facials

Many high st and designer skincare brands offer skincare treats for free (or at least, free if you're buying something from their counter). The perfect option for a credit crunch bride looking to get perfect skin on a budget.

Here are the details - please check the small print when booking as the finer details are subject to change.

Origins Facial - free with purchase!Free facials discounts sales special offers budget brides

Give dull and slightly wrinkled skin an anti-ageing treat! Book in to have a 30 minute Origins mini facial at your nearest Origins store for just £10 (redeemable against purchase). This anti-ageing facial uses the Youthtopia range, which harnesses the power of Rhodiola rosea and Amalaki herbs and leaves skin brighter and smoother. The treatment finishes with a Peace of mind back and neck massage. Call 0870 034 6522.

Dove Skin Diagnosis - free with £40 purchase!

Spend £40 on Dove Spa products and you'll receive a free 15-minute skin diagnosis where a camera, which can see 150 times more closely than a naked eye, is used to allow a consultant to analyse areas of concern on your face. This is followed by a free 30 minute facial. Call 0870 403 0409 for more information.

Darphin Massage or Facial - free with £25 purchase!

The Darphin treatment room at House of Fraser offers one hour rebalancing facials or body treatment massages for just £25 (but importantly this is redeemable against the cost of any purchases, so it could end up costing you nothing!). The facial uses a hot towel decompression, exfoliation, aromatherapy oils and massage, leaves you with fresh glowing skin and a blissfully serene feeling. For the body treatment, you get a body exfoliation and hot towel decompression followed by a 40-minute deep tissue massage to release tension, leaving skin feeling soft and frazzled nerves soothed.

So now even the most budget bride gets the pampering she deserves!

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