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Choosing Bridesmaids

At last! The moment you and your best friends have most likely been dreaming about for yonks. Rewarding them for lifelong friendship by asking them to be your bridesmaids and matrons of honour!

But before you do, it’s worth having a think about the cost of how many you ask. It might be fun choosing wedding attendants, but the cost can have serious implications on your budget......Find cheap bridesmaid dresses with wedding saving expert

The Chief Bridesmaid's guide to choosing your Bridesmaids or Maids of Honour:

For every bridesmaid you have, you could find yourself buying a bridesmaid dress, shoes, accessories and bridesmaid bouquet. You may also want to have each bridesmaid’s hair and make up done professionally. Without wishing to dwell on the obvious, having less bridesmaids costs substantially less money. Having fewer bridesmaids is a really easy way to cut costs and free up money in the rest of your wedding budget.

If you’ve got heaps of friends that you’re keen to ask to be bridesmaids, but can’t afford the cost, why not allocate them other positions of importance so that they feel involved? Give them a reading during the wedding ceremony or ask them to be a witness on your wedding certificate. Baby FlowergirlAlternatively, you could have "lushers" instead of bridesmaids: female ushers who are recognisable from say a distinctive coursage. (I've always thought it rather unfair that boys get to choose heaps of ushers, and girls don't). 

Bridesmaid Duties

The best bridesmaids may not be the most obvious choice of friend - you need bridesmaids who you can 100% rely on to look after you on the day, who won't put their needs above yours and who can organise a cracking hen night! You should choose the friends who put the "maid" into bridesmaid rather than vice versa!

In terms of official duties, the bridesmaid is there to:

- organise the hen night                                                                                                                           - help the bride get ready on the day
- arrange the bride's dress and train - before she goes up the aisle and for the photos 
- hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony
- do any last minute jobs on the day