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Getting a Bridal Body

Getting fit for your Wedding Day needn't cost a fortune. Follow these top tips to save money on achieving the perfect Bridal body

For Richer

Save money on gym membership

- Brides and Grooms should look out for offers at your Local gyms - gyms often run deals in Spring where you can join at a set price for a set amount of time (say 8 weeks for £80) . This way you aren't tied into a year-round contract, so you don't have to worry about maintaining your motivation once your wedding day is over. Gym websites often carry FREE 1 week or 1 day entry vouchers too, so it's worth checking them out. - and if they don't, it's absolutely worth haggling to get the price down.

- Council gyms (your local leisure centre) are generally heaps cheaper than the private chains and you can normally attend classes on a pay as you go basis (rather than committing to an expensive monthly rate). I went to the council gym in Clapham, London - the step classes not only worked out cheaper than the private alternative, but they were 15 mins longer - and the teachers were exactly the same! You can often join council gyms on a month or annual basis too - as it currently stands, Clapham council gym charges about £37 month - far cheaper than the trendy, private alternatives.

Other low cost ways to ensure you fit into your Wedding dress  

- Not exactly exercise, but nevertheless, a key step to getting a bridal body on the cheap - get a dry skin brush! They're about a tenner from health food style shops and are highly recommended by experts as a means of reducing the appearance of cellulite. You run it in brisk strokes up your legs to improve your circulation - which in turn, cuts down on the orange peel!

- Wii wii! Not exactly cheap, but certainly a cheaper option than joining a gym, wii fit for the  Nintendo wii is designed to help you tone up and improve your posture through various exercises.  It also keeps daily track of your weight and BMI which can be quite useful if you're looking to slim down (although if that's all you're going to use if for, scales are a much cheaper alternative!).

For Poorer

- It's Bridal bootcamp time, but getting a hot bod needn't cost a penny! One of the quickest and cheapest ways to tone up is to get running! I was really busy at work in the run up to my wedding and so didn't have time for hour-long gym sessions. Instead, I just ran into work. I had to allow an hour to get into work by tube, running in took me exactly the same time. I saved on my tube fare and didn't require any extra time!  You don't need to splash out on any expensive equipment or fees and it burns calories really quickly!Bridal bootcamp tips

- If you need motivation, it's good to set yourself targets and track these on a little chart.  There is nothing more satisfying in being able to cross off a 20 minute run off your exercise planner and knowing that your behind is one step closer to being the perfect bridal butt. If a hand-drawn tick planner isn't enough, nikeplus attachments for your ipod are great as they can keep track of how far you've run, how quickly and how many calories you've burned. Download your run details to the nike plus site and it also keeps a record of how you're improving (or not!) over time.  

- If you can't face running, can you cycle or walk into work? Or with your fiancee at the weekend? Even if it's just a matter of walking to the next bus stop or up the escalators - small little changes to your routine can be hugely effective and not cost a penny.

- Try tensing your stomach muscles every time you walk through a door (inside or out) - if you need a reminder to do this - why don't you swap your watch to a different arm than you normally wear it on? You'll be toned up for your wedding day in no time - and no more Muffin top, bridey!  

So your low-cost Wedding body is sorted! Have you thought about how you can save money on your Wedding day make-up?