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Mother of the Bride outfits

How to find a good value yet stunning Mother of the Bride outfit!

Follow these tips to save money on your Mother of the Bride outfit

Designer DiscountsTips on where to buy cheap Mother of the Bride outfits

Check out designer discount stores like Bicester Village in Oxfordshire. These centre has heaps of designer stores from Ralph Lauren to Alice Temperley to the upmarket high street stores like   LK Bennett, Monsoon, Jigsaw, Karen Millen and Nicole Farhi. All the clothes are vastly reduced, and as they're from previous seasons, you're unlikely to bump into someone wearing the same thing.

Save money by hiring

Don't feel you actually have to buy your outfit - there are plenty of upmarket designer hire places around. Hiring is only a good value option if you think that it's unlikely you'll wear your outfit again. If you do think that you'll find opportunities to wear it in the future, it's probably better value in the long term to buy it.  

Mother of the Bride outffits discountsStorecard discounts

Many store cards offer a discount on the first purchase that you make with it. You could get as much as 25% off if you take advantage of these, but do be careful to make sure that you pay off the bill in full at the end of each month - they can charge enormous interest rates.

Nearly new outfits from Charity shops

Many charity shops are getting savvy to the opportunity that lies in the Wedding industry and are opening special bridal boutiques that also sell Mother of the Bride wear. Check out the Wedding dresses section in Looking Good for a list of Charity shops across England and Ireland with specialist Bridal departments.  



Mother of the Bride - Roles & Responsibilities

After the Bride and Groom, the Mother of the Bride is arguably the most important person at the wedding. The traditional role for the Mother of the Bride was to organise the wedding on behalf of her daughter, and for the Bride’s parents to pick up the bill. But with couples        co-habiting before they get married, people getting married older and women being more financially independent from their parents, the Mother of the Bride’s role can differ vastly in today’s modern wedding planning.

Roles for Mother of the Bride

The traditional role for the Mother of the Bride was to:
-Be the official hostess of the day
-Order the stationery (invitations, menus, order of service, place cards)
-Send out the invitations and receive replies.
-Help the Bride to choose her dress and other outfits.
-Arrange and book the church and choose the reception.
-Hire the cars.
-Organise the flowers for the church, reception and the bride’s bouquet.
-Book the photographer.
-Stand at the head of the receiving line
-Be the second to take to the dance floor after the newlyweds have had their first dance

Obviously all this has changed, and many brides prefer to organise their own weddings these days. Nevertheless, most daughters still turn to their mother for help and guidance (financial or otherwise) in the wedding planning. 

An important note to Mother of Brides-to-be from The Chief BridesmaidMother of the Bride

Your daughter may have very set ideas about how they want their wedding day to be - and this is something that you should respect regardless of how little or involved you are in the wedding planning.

A important note to Brides-to-be from The Chief Bridesmaid

Your wedding day is absolutely your day, and a very special day at that, so you may want to organise it all yourself. But nevertheless, there are ways to get your mother involved, whilst still remaining the chief wedding planner. You might be surprised how much her input can help! Why not invite her along to find your wedding venue, choose your wedding dress and any menu tastings?  Just be clear with her whether it’s her honest input you are after, or simply some friendly company. 

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