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Table Decorations

How to cut the cost of the reception table decorations at your Wedding

Wedding table decorations aren’t a necessity, particularly in the credit crunch. Even the price of relatively cheap decoration can be expensive when you multiply the cost with the number of tables that you’ll be having at the wedding.

Before you buy any decorations, consider what else you’ll already have on each table - what with tablecloths, napkins, glasses, cutlery, nameplaces, menus and potentially wedding favours - you may well decide that any further decoration is unnecessary clutter and will actually detract from your look rather than enhance it. Less is more, Bridies!

The Chief Bridesmaid's advice on how to get cheaper table decorations at Moneysaving advice for your Wedding day The Chief Bridesmaidyour Wedding

Adding colour

If you’re dying to add a bit of colour to your wedding tables, why not go for coloured tablecloths, napkins or place names. This will be a considerably cheaper option that having flower arrangements on each of the tables.

Save money by hiring in your table decorations

Flowers are one of the more expensive ways to decorate your tables. Why not hire in topiary instead? It’s a relatively cheap way of making a big impact.

For a really bright look

If you like bold colours, you could hire vases from your florist and fill them with lemons, oranges or limes yourselves. This gives a bright, modern and fresh look to the tables - plus they can be used behind the bar later on!

Cheaper alternatives to flowersSave money with candles

For brides on a tight budget, candles and balloons are a considerably cheaper option than flowers and still create a lovely atmosphere. Tea lights twinkling on mirrored tiles look really pretty (particularly with low lighting) and you could construct them yourselves for about £4 per table. Floating candles in bowls can also be really beautiful and are really easy to put together.

Low cost ways to use flowers as your decoration

Instead of having flower arrangements on your tables, why not just scatter pretty petals over the tables? Either get them fresh from your own or from your friends’ gardens, or harvest them in the summer months and microwave them to dry them out.

If you’re having a really small sit down reception, you can repurpose your bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets as the table flowers. This works best if you have a bouquet made from an oasis arrangement as this can then be laid Cheap Wedding Decorationsalong the front of the top table. If the bridesmaids have hand-tied bouquets, they can be dropped into a vase on each of the tables.

One of my favourite looks are small single stem flowers dropped into antique bottles and apothecary jars on each of the tables - coupled with tea party style Cath Kidson bunting, this could be a really pretty look for your wedding  day.

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