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The Guest List

The Chief Bridesmaid's guide to putting together the perfect Wedding Guest List

It's never too early to put together the guest list for your Wedding day. How many people you decide on inviting will be one of the biggest factors in determining the scale of your big day.  

Decide to invite 30 people and you might find you can afford a gourmet sit down supper and free bar; decide to invite 130 guests, and the catering might be more along the lines of a hog roast and bring-your-own-dessert. 

Prioritise, Prioritise

It's all about working out what's most important to you both - a grand, but intimate Wedding? Or an informal bash that more of your friends can share in?

Talk this through with your partner and decide together which suits you best.

Then put together a list of those people who you absolutely and definitely want to be invited to your Wedding. Follow this with a list of people who you'd like to invite, but wouldn't be distraught if you couldn't.

You should then probably consult both sets of parents to see if there are any essential people that they'd like to invite to the Wedding.

This is especially true if they're contributing financially to the Wedding. This being said, it is YOUR day and I believe that as it is your friends and immediate family (rather than your parents' friends) that will be watching out for you during your married life together - you should absolutely prioritise who you'd like to invite.

So now you've got your wedding guestlist of definites and possibles plus your parents' list - you'll be able to work out whether you're over on numbers. If you are (and I'm almost certain that you will be), get out a black marker and get ruthless!Tips on how to put together a Wedding Guest List

- Do you need to invite children? (We worked out that this would add about 50 more to our wedding guest list!) Many parents would welcome a night off from the kids and some adult time away together so don't feel too guilty about making it adult only. 

- Do you need to invite plus ones? Particularly if it's a new boyfriend or someone you've never met.

- Look at your possibles list - have you seen them in the last six months? If not, is there a good reason or is it just because you/they haven't been bothered to make the effort. If it's the latter - time to strike 'em off! 

- From the remaining possibles, consider are they worth the £30 - £50-ish you might be spending catering/alcohol/transport etc for them to attend? It sounds rather crass and basic but, when you realise that the 5 maybes on your list is equivalent to a pair of Jimmy Choos or a night in an AMAZING hotel on your honeymoon - you might find it a little less painful to start using that marker pen!  

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