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The honeymoon

The indulgent bit – your honeymoon! A chance for the two of you to take some time out for yourselves. Everyone wants to push the boat out on their honeymoon, but the cleverer you are when you’re booking it, the more luxury you’ll enjoy when you’re away.

Here are my top tips for a cheaper honeymoon -

Cut costs by putting the honeymoon on the Wedding list

The average honeymoon costs almost £3,000, but if you’re looking to save money, you don't necessarily have to take this cost out of your wedding budget- you can ask for your wedding guests to contribute towards the cost as their wedding gift to you! Perfect if you've got all the linen you need already!

The award-winning travel agents, Travel Counsellors offer Honeymoon wedding gift lists where guests can buy wedding presents in the form of a contribution towards the cost of your honeymoon. Simply set up a honeymoon account with Travel Counsellors (with a small deposit of £10) and they'll give you personalised Guest cards, explaining the service for your guests, to enclose with your wedding invitations. Travel Counsellors will then send you regular updates of your account balance and a thank you card for you to send each guest who makes a contribution towards your Honeymoon. You can top up the balance with your own money if you wish, and start married life in style.

We organised our honeymoon through Travel Counsellors and I can't recommend them highly enough - tip top service every step of the way!

Go to for more info, or call Phil Hopkins on 08450587112 for more details.

Tell everyone you’re honeymoonersHuertas Las Terraces - great value honeymoon destination, Tarifa Spain

This is your honeymoon – your one chance to be a prime candidate for flight upgrades and free champagne. Tell everyone that you’re on your honeymoon and make sure you take your wedding certificate with you to prove it!

Hotels offer great deals for honeymooners like room upgrades or free meals, but don’t be conned into feeling you need to pay to stay in the bridal suite. The cost of bridal suites are hugely inflated and you get very little back in reward. Take advantage of the free offers, but don’t be seduced into paying extra for very little just because it’s your honeymoon.

Cost compare your travel insurance

Buy your own travel insurance through a cost comparison site like Confused, don’t buy it through your travel agent when you book your honeymoon- they’ll charge a fortune.

Get cashback on what you spend

Book your honeymoon on an interest free credit card that gives cashback on everything you spend. With cashback cards, you earn a percentage back on every pound you spend with it. Even if this is only 1 or 2%, if you're spending the money anyway, you may as well get something in reward. If the credit card is interest-free, check the interest rate that this reverts to after the interest-free period has expired as this can often be quite high. If you're unlikely to have paid off your honeymoon within this period, you might be better off with a credit card that offers a continuously low level of interest. Check out offers from American Express who typically offer cashback cards.

Take a break - and wait until you can afford it

If you can’t afford to go on your dream homeymoon straight after your wedding, don’t. Take a low-cost break - even if it’s just a couple of days at home together - and Great value honeymoon destination Huertas Las Terracessave your real honeymoon for when you do have the money. This means you’ll not only have something fabulous to look forward to, you’ll have more flexibility on where you go because you won’t be tied to the locations that are in season around the time of your wedding. Saying this, explore off-season special offers too. Regardless of when you take your honeymoon, it’s always low (cheap) season somewhere.

Shop Around

There's a lot of competition in the travel industry, and so it‘s really easy to snare a cheap honeymoon bargain by shopping around. Scour the net and flight cost comparison sites to snag the best deals.

Click through to slim down cheaply for your honeymoon? Or read about real credit crunch weddings?