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The Chief Bridesmaid is here with tips and advice on saving money on your Wedding Ceremony.

But first, time to say "I do!"

I do promise to be a savvy bride and get more out of my Wedding budget

I do promise not to overspend on my Wedding so I can avoid starting married life in debt

I do promise not to be deluded into thinking that if I don't have the best of everything on my Wedding day, it won't be perfect. 

Your day will be perfect because you're marrying the man of your dreams! Ideas for a cheaper Wedding Ceremony

Costs for church weddings start from about £275. But if you decide you want a choir, organist and bell-ringers, you may need to pay more. Even a local village church choir can cost £300.  

Registry offices are cheaper. If you're happy to get married in a registry office with only a few guests there, you may find that you don't have to shell out any more than £60 registration fee, £40 fee for the registrar and £3.50 for a copy of your marriage certificate. Hiring large venues for civil ceremonies can be expensive even if it's only for a few hours.

Click on the sections on the left of the page for tips on saving money on Church flowers, Wedding photographers, Wedding cars and more.

Alternatively, read on for a few general tips on how to have a cheaper Wedding Ceremony:  Saving money on your Wedding Ceremony

- Are there any other weddings happening the day before or following day? If so, can you share flowers with them? After all, they will stay in the Church/venue once you're done anyway. Can you ask a family friend or relative to do the flower arrangements? If you're worried about loading too much burden onto one person, perhaps you could divide up the responsibility for the Church flowers, the reception flowers and the Bride's and Bridesmaids' bouquets.

-  Are Church bells really a necessity? Our little country Church wanted to charge £85 for bells before the Wedding service and £85 for bells afterwards. The wedding party is so excited when it emerges from the church anyway, that this really is an expensive detail that very few people will notice.

- Choirs too can be an unnecessary expense - we paid for one, only to decide to play a recording of "Oh, Happy Day" from Sister Act 2 at our Wedding Service. In retrospect, we should have gone without and saved the money for the honeymoon.

Read on for cheap tips on The Order of Service, cutting Church wedding costs and Wedding ceremony flowers