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Wedding Cars

The Chief Bridesmaid's top tips for cheaper Wedding Transport

Beg Borrow Steal!Wedding Car

People who have nice cars tend to have them because they love to show them off! This is the perfect time to ask a favour of a friend or family member and see if they'd mind being your chauffeur to the wedding service and reception. It's actually an enormously flattering thing to be asked, and so you shouldn't feel too shy about it. My Dad is lucky enough to have a convertible which he drove us to the Church in as our wedding car.  He also insured my groom for the day on it so he could drive us back from the Church to the reception.  (There was only room for two!) We decorated it by tying some white ribbon around the front of the car and it looked good as new.

For the Petrol Head Brides

If having a great wedding car really is a priority, just hire one for your Dad and yourself to drive to the Church/wedding venue in (they can either make a second trip for the birdesmaids, or the bridesmaids could just travel in a normal car) .  


The classic black cab is a London icon, and so for London brides, hiring one can be a classic, classy and cheap option to get you to the wedding. There are firms that hire classic London black cabs out in white! These aren't quite so cheap though - with costs coming in from about £180 for a three hour hire.

cheap wedding transport tips chef bridesmaid lucy elliottIf you're travelling to your wedding by taxi though, make sure a bridesmaid checks the car is spic and span before getting in it. The last thing you want is to have someone stain their dress. Alternatively, take a sheet to lay on the seat to ensure everyone is protected.  

Smart taxi firms for business or executive car firms are cost effective too, but you get swisher cars - normally nice silver mercedes. Some offer wedding packages, but these come at a premium, so why not just tie a white ribbon onto the front of the car when it arrives?

Alternative wedding carsSave money on Wedding cars

Go for the untraditional- think beyond the classic Rolls Royce option and you could save yourselves some money. For a countryside wedding arrive by tractor! Work as a Fireman? Arrive by Fire engine! The options are only limited by your imagination...... 

An important note for the Groom, Best Man, Father of the Bride and Ushers - many a coursage has been decapitated by a seatbelt on the way to wedding venue! Don't wear your coursages until you get to the church - otherwise it could suffer death by seatbelt!

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